Ice Clear Media-Apocrya understands the specific needs of specialist audiences. We use this understanding to create special CPA projects for clients that draw on the power of our consumer and business brands.

We know how to grab peoples’ attention, and how to engage them in long-standing relationships.This understanding comes as a result of the enthusiasm and expertise of the creative email marketing teams who work closely together.

Apocrya Direct offers you access to the subscribers in over 15 market-leading countries. Our largest database comes from the UK, Germany, France and the USA. In the last seven years we have worked closely with online publishers, retailers and multimedia partners to source over 2.5 million subscriber data from online consumers, regular site visitors and leading Top 250 websites from all over the world.

We help clients get their message over to receptive audiences in a powerful way. We have a strong, vested interest in ensuring that all email marketing is effective. Our goal is to provide you with the most superior, up-to-date and comprehensive contacts available; and with over 2.5 million on our database, you have plenty to choose from. The quality of our subscribers creates the quality of our direct marketing campaigns; that is why our database contains one of the best sources of leads in the country.

Apocrya Direct offer a full-service email broadcast facility. Our broadcasts are done in-house and as such we take care of every facet of your email campaign: from helping to put together the right contact list to providing you with a detailed reporting suite after your broadcast, with full tracking and detailed campaign statistics.

In addition to our email services, Apocrya Direct will provide you with a targeted list for your postal campaign. Whether you know exactly who you are looking to target or you need some help finding the right list, Apocrya Direct’s experienced staff will help you find the perfect contacts. If you have yet to choose your mailing house then worry not—Apocrya Direct can assist in sourcing, setting up and fulfilling your campaign.